I am a professor at the Department of Electrical and
Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University

email: tom.drummond@monash.edu

Research Topics:

A fast multiple appliance detection algorithm for non-intrusive load monitoring (with V.S. Wong, Y.F. Wong and A. Sekercioglu)

 This  paper presents a Bayesian solution to disaggregation of signals in non-intrusive line monitoring which efficiently computes the Log-Likelihood Ratio (LLR) of an appliance's on/off state, then combines it with historical estimates to yield a new estimate for improved accuracy.  The detection of multiple appliances is achieved through an iterative method which also deals with unidentified appliances. With minimal multiplication and division, the algorithm is computationally lightweight and can easily be implemented in embedded systems using low-power processors. Despite the simplicity, results show promising disaggregation performance.

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