I am a professor at the Department of Electrical and
Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University

email: tom.drummond@monash.edu

Research Topics:

Real-time tracking of articulated structures

Articulated tracking is achieved by tracking the components individually and subsequently imposing the articulation constraints on the component motions. The most probable pose that satisfies the constraints is then found.

[2000 ECCV Paper] [Video of simple hinge] [Video of filing cabinet]

An mpeg movie showing tracking of an articulated structure with a prismatic (sliding) joint.
An mpeg movie showing tracking of a doubly hinged structure.This movie shows that even when the central square piece is hidden from the camera, the system can still recover its pose, despite the fact that it forms the root node of the kinematic chain/tree. This is achieved by making use of the constraints that exist between it and the other two pieces.


Real-time tracking of multiple articulated structures in multiple views (ECCV 2000)

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